H&M “Trollhorned” for Fake Metal Marketing

H&M “Trollhorned” for Fake Metal Marketing

File under truth in advertising: Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali of Finnish metal band Moonsorrow admitted to Billboard Magazine that he was part of an “art collective” that trolled clothing retailer H&M. The group created music, videos, album covers and histories under the fake label, Strong Scene Productions in response to bomber jackets and other clothing items at H&M which featured patches styled to look like heavy metal logos.

In the elaborate prank, Strong Scene claimed to have found the lost archives of the “influential” 80’s metal talents featured on H&M’s clothing, such as Grey, LANY (Los Angeles, New York), Motmros, and Mystic Triangle. They went as as far as creating songs with absurd titles like, ““Hellish Massacre,” “Holocaust Tomb,” and “Vaginal’s Juice Dripping Into Cadaverous.

Sorvali used his own Twitter account to send out remarks like, “OMG OMG LOL MY FAVORITE BANDS ARE ALL HERE.”

He squarely pointed out, “You cannot commercialize a subculture without actually knowing all the different aspects of it…Knowledge [about] your product is essential in marketing.”

Hell hath no fury like a metalhead scorned.